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Let's Go See The Donkeys

Carrie Chapman4 Comments

Some days, when the girls are acting grumpy and I'm too tired to be patient with them, we load up in the van and go see some donkeys. They are miniature donkeys that graze around in Palmer Lake, Colorado. They are cute, and sweet and friendly and seeing them always puts the three of us in a better mood. 

These guys were so fascinated by Ruthie. The feeling was mutual. 

There is also a horse that grazes around, but unless you have food he's not that interested in you. My new favorite donkey is the one with a crooked left ear. 

I mean, who doesn't want to live on a miniature donkey farm in Colorado?

And let's just talk about baby cowboy boots? By far, the best purchase I've made for Georgia this Fall. 

Cute, and practical enough to climb fences for a better view. 

Once we had taken in the mountain air and had enough of our animal friends, we loaded back up in the van and headed home in the rain. And, just like every time we go to our quiet place, the girls fell asleep on the drive home.