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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

EVERY Moment

Carrie ChapmanComment

I have included the above adorable pictures of my children to make it obvious to everyone that I already miss how little my kids were 3 days ago. And, believe it or not, I am sincerely trying my best to "savor every moment" even if some days that just translates to "survive until five." 
Some (most) days, that's about where I'm at. 

Sure, I'll miss Georgia WANTING to cuddle with me and sleep in my bed every. single. night. because she "just wants to be with somebody" but I won't miss getting kicked in the stomach or waking up because her toddler body is sprawled across my face and air passages. 

Yes, I will miss Ruth's desperate struggle to say any word other than "da-ddy" but I won't miss her screech that can only be described as pterodactyl-esque when Georgia snatches something out of her hand or when the shoe that she took off of her foot is suddenly in her hand and not on her foot anymore. 

I won't miss Georgia's experiments with pushing/stealing from/squeezing Ruthie. I won't miss how Ruth pushes on my boobs in public with focus and determination as if something is going to happen if she just keeps pressing on them. There's no medal for that, Ruth. Please stop so I can enter my PIN and get us out of the grocery store. 

Though, I will miss how Ruthie hits bald babies on the head. I mean, I try to stop her and I feel bad for the babies, but they are the only people she hits. Like, she so desperately wants to feel the sensation of smacking a bald head. Yeah, I think that's funny. 

And while I'm eating my words, I think I AM going to miss Georgia's battles with pants.
I can't help but admire her fight.