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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Carrie Chapman3 Comments

Late in my college days, I had this group of girlfriends who I admired and respected and kind of forced to be friends with me (I'm not kidding- I held Liz's bedding for ransom once in an effort to get her to hang out. Spoiler: it worked). Liz always had a well-rounded view of the world and was (is) humble enough to share her mistakes with you and radiated (radiates) wisdom. Brandilyn was this hip and cool girl who joined the improv troupe I was in and she owned a clothing store. Everything about her reflects how kind she is. Darcy had a baby and a marriage I admired and she always looked (looks) like she stepped out of a magazine and cooks like she's been doing it for 1,000 years. She can also sing and dance so she's basically who I wanted (want) to be when I when I grow up.

 They were all so, FUNNY. And SMART. And KIND. We hung out at Brandilyn's store every Friday at 2pm to get our girlfriend fill. We started calling it F@2 and when we moved away started a private blog where we could continue to catch up. It morphed into an ongoing group text convo and once everyone had emoji's, the content was *okay-emoji.* 

So Darcy was going to be in Salt Lake from across the country and Brandilyn decided to drive down from Idaho and Liz is already becoming famous in SLC so I HAD to go. Scott insisted I go. He knows what these girls mean to me. 


I can't explain how happy I was to be with all of them. To know that I can be 100% myself and still be loved by these women who just blow my mind... words can't describe it. 

If that one 4 hour brunch wasn't enough to make my heart explode: it was at the end of my trip. I STARTED my weekend with my SISTER. I got to stay at her college apartment and pretend like I wasn't "almost 30" as her 20-year-old butt loooooves to point out. We went to Texas Roadhouse and spontaneously decided to go see a play. 

1. How to express the freedom of not having to put kids to bed right after dinner? No pack-n-play to set up that night? No hurrying home? I can just GO TO A PLAY RIGHT NOW AND THAT'S OKAY?

2. Theatre is kind of a thing with my sister and I. I have always liked to do it and my sister has always loved to attend. I don't get to do it much anymore and I love knowing that I always have someone who will go to a show with me. 


The next day I slept in until almost 11 (!!!) and my sister and I met my last companion from my mission. She is still full of fire and beauty. Jessica is one of those people who always seems to have it and I admire her so much. It had been too long!


After that I left my sister with some bathroom cleaner and headed to Anna's house. Anna needs no introduction or explanation of how much she means to me. This little stop-over was typical. Anna was having a party celebrating the country of Oman. She is my best friend. 


After that little shin-dig I went to Amber and Lucas's house to stay the night. Amber and I have yet to take a picture together and I was DETERMINED to get a selfie with her this weekend. Mission unaccomplished. We just talk too much. We connect too much. We get on a different planet when we are together and I forget about everything else. She has always been someone who puts things into perspective for me. But seriously, Amber. We need a pic. 

After I slept in at their place (I slept in two days in a row!), I headed to the brunch and you can now coda right back to the beginning of this post. 

When I first left my F@2 friends, Liz made me a CD to listen to as I drove away to place I was really scared to go. The first song was "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and I remember just sobbing and listening to it on repeat. I needed that assurance that my friends were going to stay my friends. Liz has LITERALLY fulfilled this promise, having come to visit me across many valley's and mountains. In the end, I came home just so HAPPY that I can feel so many different kinds of HAPPY. By this I mean, I am happy with my sister in a different way than I am happy with Amber, or with my husband, or with my kids. How lucky am I? How lucky to have so many people fill my life with so many different forms of happiness?! 

I came home from that weekend to a sick kid and a very tired husband but I just collapsed in his chest and cried about how grateful I was. I honestly don't remember the last time I have felt so overwhelmed with gratitude.