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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Christmas on a Tuesday

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

Remember when I almost killed myself trying to get out everyones tote bags before Christmas?Thank you to all who ordered! I love having the problem of being too busy with our little business :) 

I spent the holiday in Boise, Idaho visiting family. Two weeks up there and the universe taught me a few things such as: "Your kids can't handle a 2 week vacation" and "Ruth is too big to sleep in a pack and play" and "Your sweet 3 year old will instantly turn into a monster as soon as you get around your mother." We all had a bit of a rough time. 

The holiday was the hardest on my dad. His oldest brother passed away. We knew he was ill but death is never easy and it is never convenient. My dad decided he needed to be up in Seattle to be with his parents (who had just lost their oldest son, remember) for Christmas. This meant that our family moved Christmas morning up to Tuesday morning. We crammed all of our traditions in Monday night. We saw a movie, did reverse caroling (we knock on peoples doors and make them sing to us) and finally had Christmas Eve dinner at 9:30. The girls didn't get to bed until 10:30.

The Christmas Eve dinner table

The Christmas Eve dinner table

The expectation of this Christmas was high for me. Last year was a weird time in my life and I was really looking forward to all the magic of this year. Unexpectedly shifting all of it felt a bit anti-climatic and... off. My mom put all of this at ease and into perspective when she said "It's not Christmas anyway unless we are all together." 

So, Santa came to our house on Tuesday morning and the girls had no idea he had made special arrangements for us. We were still able to do all of our Christmas Eve traditions like special jammies and reading The Nativity and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. 


Santa's "elves" also came early to assemble a beast of a play kitchen

Of course, all of it was worth it in the end to see my dad (who loves being "Grampy" more than anything on earth), watch his granddaughters experience Christmas morning. 


I have a long video of their reactions but I will spare you. They have been playing with that kitchen non-stop since we have brought it home, and Georgia was pleased to see that all 3 Santas she visited this year brought her the "Aurora crown" she asked for. 

The rest of our day was spent in our pajamas playing the new games we got. 

I'd now like to take a moment and recognize that my little sister got home from an LDS mission in Texas in early December and this was our first time seeing her in 18 months! The last time I saw her I was pregnant with Ruth! Crazy! But she's back and getting ready to kill it at college and I just adore her. 


I will say it was a bit odd to wake up on Thursday the 25th and have it feel like it was 2 days after Christmas, but us girls went to see Into the Woods and all was well. My dad made it safely to Washington to be with his parents. Georgia got to play with her best friend, June for a day. All in all, a successful trip and a great holiday. If you're still reading this, thanks for letting me rehash Christmas like 2 weeks after everyone is over it.