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Dem Pox

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Ruthie got the chicken pox which is no good for a few reasons:

1. She was vaccinated from them and the injustice had a me like a hot angry mess for a bit. You shouldn't have to watch your baby get shots and then watch them go through it anyway (I know, count my blessings that it's not the measles or something deadly). 

2. Two weeks of traveling kind did both my girls in, so I kept us cooped up in a post-vacation cool down. But then Ruth got the chicken pox and STAYING cooped up has given me a bad case of cabin fever. 

3. When Ruth was contagious, I didn't let Georgia go play with anyone which made her a destructive monster. 

4. I'm pretty sure no one likes to see their baby covered in blisters. 

5. Itchy scabs = no sleep for baby and no sleep for us.

Luckily, she's all scabbed over and ready to face the world again. It's been a whole lot of oatmeal baths and calamine lotion and baby powder over here. 
And does it make me evil if I think these pox were kind of cute? Maybe it's a sick nostalgia? Maybe it's from reading A Bad Case of the Stripes 10,000 times?

A polka dotted Ruthie is almost as cute as regular Ruthie.