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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Late to the Parties

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

I know, I know. You come to my blog because it's always full of the latest up-and-coming trends. I'm basically Joann Goddard over here. You can email me your thanks for you getting you all caught up and your invited to my dinner party where we only discuss 15 year old television shows and diets everyone has already done. 

For your lifestyle pleasure, here are some of the coolest things I've just discovered: 

1. The West Wing. I watched this entire series 18 months ago when I was laying in bed nursing a brand new baby. It was funny and smart and treated me like I was funny and smart and I really appreciate art that assumes I am funny and smart. 

2. Podcasts. Why has no one told me about podcasts? And how they're FREE? And how I can listen to them while I'm cleaning? And how there are SO MANY THAT ARE SO AWESOME?

3. I just finished Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. I both related to her and then got filled with hot jealousy when I realized how desperately I want her improv life.... something she very blatantly tells you you can't have unless you work very hard for a long time. Being 29 really makes you feel like you missed a couple boats, eh?

4. The Far Side comics. I mean, I knew I liked these but I didn't realize how much until I got Scott the complete set for Christmas. 

5. The Whole30. Which I actually hate, but am determined to like by the end of this stupid month. This actually started as the Whole1second because I couldn't take the thought of no Diet Coke and slipped THE SAME DAY I STARTED. A real dedicated dame, I am. 
I've discovered why everyone talks about this all the time and posts pictures of their sweet potatoes. They're trying to convince themselves that they don't want cheese. I think it's the 8th day in a row that Scott and I have sat in bed talking about nothing but cheese and ice cream before dosing off to sleep. I literally had a dream that I ate a bowl of sugar cereal. 

 You're all welcome.