Seeker of Happiness

$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Lately, I've been:

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Watching: YouTube channels like this and this in an effort to replace my mindless Real Housewives binging. 

Reading: This book which is not a book I would have ever chosen for myself. My library is doing this adorable thing this February where they put a book in a bag and when you check it out it's like having a "blind date." I'm not gonna lie, the bag category said "thriller" and I was expecting more classic James Bond than LDS missionary fiction. I don't know how people online date. This one blind book date has already deepened my trust issues and made me swear off ever doing it again. 

Listening to: A mix Brandilyn made me. It starts out with some dance beats and just when you're too tired to jump around anymore moves into pretty music that still makes you happy. Girl can make a playlist. 
I've also been listening to the Invisiblia podcast and the Serial podcast because apparently I just love to do what everyone else is doing. 

Eating: better than I did in 2014 but worse since I finished the Whole30. I still follow it for the most part, but I have indulged in a frosty and fries and didn't feel bad about it.

Drinking: Pellegrino mixed with grapefruit juice. It reminds of that soda Squirt (remember Squirt?!) and I love it. 

Wearing: this necklace that my aunt sent to remember my grandma by. It's cute and adaptable and you can't help but love it so it's a perfect representation of her. 

Working: on getting to the gym every day which I've done for 2 weeks now. I am still a little embarrassed working out around people. And anyone who says "no one is watching you" is a liar because there is a plethora of youtube evidence that says otherwise. Not only could people be watching me, they could be RECORDING ME. If I think about it too much I get real freaked out since I'm pretty sure I don't have any abdominal muscles. And also because my body is uncontrollable when Uptown Funk comes through my headphones.

Discovering: Snapchat (which I'm still getting used to but you can say hi to me! My username is Carrie4ya), lakes that are 30 minutes or less away from my house, The Art Assignment 

Still sad about: The Seahawks losing the Superbowl, Parenthood getting canceled, the fact that I don't live in a city that consists 100% of all the people in my life that I love.

Tickled by: Georgia's new obsession with things I did "when I was a little girl." She likes it when I do her hair in a side pony or three ponies sectioned off and pulled together because that's how my mom did my hair. A 3 year old with an already heavy dose of nostalgia 

Savoring: Ruthie's quiet cuddles while we watch Barney turned way down low in the late afternoon. 

Looking forward to: a toddler valentine's day party, visiting some friends in the Valley, having in-laws come visit and see the booming metropolis we live in that consists of a rec center, a church and a library (and that's about it).