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Valentine's Day

Carrie Chapman4 Comments

Last year I started a tradition to make my family a little Valentine's Day breakfast. In order to make it a tradition I had to do it again this year so- success. 

Just like last year, I got everyone a balloon. Georgia's was an Aurora balloon that was literally as tall as Georgia herself. I gave Ruth two balloons to make it all even. Now she can't look back on this post and use it as evidence that Georgia was the favorite. 

I love seeing my little bed-head babes looking so happy

We had heart pancakes with strawberries and sprinkles. The girls especially liked the pink smoothie. 

While we ate we opened up Valentines. The girls each got a book, some new crayons and a coloring book (which was really just a bunch of coloring pages I printed off the internet because I'm cheap). Ruthie was thrilled. 


After breakfast, we quickly had to get ready for a little toddler Valentine "play date"* I set up for some neighborhood toddlers. That meant brushing that messy hair and turning it into a festive "heart hair"

Then the friends came! They exchanged Valentine's, attempted a couple games, and then became completely enthralled with the pink scented rice I made on a whim the night before. 


After that, we enjoyed some snacks

We had sausage, cheese and crackers, fruit kabobs, apple slices, sugar cookies, cream melts, and (my favorite), chocolate dipped clementines. 

We loaded up and headed outside in the beautiful weather to eat

I was happy with our little get together even though Georgia was kind of acting grumpy the whole time. I just like being with friends. 

Later that day we got a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and Scott cleaned out my car and folded all of the laundry (what more could a girl want?). I was thinking about all of thoughtful and romantic things some of my friend's husbands did for them and how sweet they were. But I mostly thought about my Valentine, and how grateful I am that he is there everyday. That he helped me set up the chairs for my party and that he feeds the girls lunch and genuinely likes being around us. I'm so glad he's mine every day of the year. 

*I'm not really allowed to have any "parties" this year since I went all out last year on the girls birthdays.