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Ruth 18 Months

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Miss Ruth is becoming known as sneaky. She will patiently observe the world around her and then BAM! she makes herself apart of it out of nowhere. She took her time crawling, but once she did it she was suddenly walking like it was no big deal. And she's naturally more quiet, so she didn't say a ton of words right away. Now, all of the sudden she's saying words and two sentences. "No, MINE!" courtesy of Georgia, and "Fries please" courtesy of Sonic being delicious. 

She's also the queen of silent mischief. Like a tiny little ninja. You wouldn't even know she was IN the bathroom until you find her walking out with a satisfied look on her face. That's my cue to re-roll the toilet paper and remind myself for the 1000th time to shut the bathroom door. 

Unlike Georgia (who is impressed by anything and everything), Ruthie has a small list of favorite things. They include IN THIS ORDER:

1. "Daddy"
2. "Nana's" 
3. "Bank-ie" (specifically Aden & Anais bamboo swaddle blankets. Champagne taste, this one)
4. Music of any kind
5. Facetime
6. Mom
7. Georgia

I should also note that I quickly fall lower in that order when a calmer personality than mine is around. My sweet neighbor Emily is one of Ruthie's favorite people, as well as my friend Liz- when they are around I do not exist. 

Ruth is focused and detailed and puts up with a lot. She knows how to get my attention and when I give it to her at the right time I find her little hand wrapped around my pointer finger leading me into her bedroom. From there, she will go get a book, hand it to me, and then back up her diaper bum into my lap. It's those moments that make feel not so low on her list of favorites. 

She says a few new words a day and for the sake of "journaling" I'm going to list them. Feel free to scroll right on past this. 

Daddy, Mama, Georgia, Leah (our neighbor and Georgia's friend), doggie (accompanied by the necessary "roof-roof"), bottle, blankie, mine, no, banana, thank you (tank too), please, bye bye, hi, shoe, phone, more, book, boot, cheese (deeeese), and a sassy "uh-aaaah" instead of no. She can also point out body parts and say belly, nose, eye, and "va-va." Yup, she knows what makes her female. 

This girl also loves shoes. You might dump your one year old in front of a basket of toys, but I put Ruth near the always over-flowing shoe basket by our front door and she sets up camp. She only likes to put on shoes that she can take on and off with ease, so she naturally ignores anything in her size. After she puts them on, she MUST take a stroll around the living room, come back to her original place and start over. 

Ruthie can pick out music anywhere and start dancing to it. She just realized that Georgia DANCES at ballet and has decided to stand at the window and scream to participate. She has an impressive head bang that she does at the most appropriate songs. 

She is incredibly detailed. I'm always so impressed. And it's okay that nobody else is. I'm perfectly fine with being a party of one while I gasp in awe at how she takes a sticker off of a sticker sheet and carefully places it on a piece of paper and smoothes it out with her chubby palm. 

Of course, Ruth is still a baby and is not above grumpiness or dramatics (throwing herself face down on the floor in a tantrum? Once a day). She has a never ending battle with the fact that her big sister just LOVES her too much. I constantly have to remind Georgia that Ruth doesn't want to be smushed or kissed all the time. I don't remind her that Ruth seems to tolerate this from ME. But if GEORGIA comes to close, a war cry is released. It rarely ever works. 

Ruth, thank you for being a baby. A baby with a round buddha belly and a smile that melts every heart in a 100mile radius. Thank you for sitting on my lap for extended periods of time and for twirling whenever you hear classical music. You are so, so loved.