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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Bring on the Good Vibes

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

It's not news. Everyone goes through this crap. Cars break down. Bank accounts dwindle. Kids get sick. Anxiety rises and falls, the sun comes up, goes down, the moon continues its cycle. 

When you're in it, it's weird though, right? Like, you have to walk this tight rope of accepting what's happening without freaking out but also not ignoring it all either. I'm really good at the freak-out and ignore method, but I'm learning. 

I do feel lucky lately. Even on hard days I have to say out loud "the girls were really good today" because they are just such good little babies, and it's rarely them making me crazy. Yesterday Georgia had "a good idea" to make an "outside craft" which at the time sounded exhausting and vague. But she took the lead. We went outside and gathered sticks and grass and rocks from our barren little yard and taped them on a piece of paper. The fresh air did all of us good and I was just so grateful to her in that moment. 

Ruth has been sick non stop for two months but you really wouldn't know it. As in, I literally didn't know she had a "raging double ear infection" until the doctor said those words at her last well check. Then the poor girl had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic and she was so GRUMPY about it. I wish I could explain to you how funny it is to see Ruthie be grumpy. She's like, the happiest baby on the planet so watching her scowl at her Cheerios as she eats them one by one is hilarious. 

The point is, I bought a salt lamp because it's supposed to have some magical powers to clear the air and energy in your house. I also got some beeswax candles and a smudge sage stick just in case I want to be real hippy up in here. We leave the windows open a few times a day, pump up some music, and overall, I have a hopeful feeling.