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What Makes Her Quirk

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My favorite Camp posted the quirks of the campers and it got me to thinking about all the weird crap my Chapman babies do. 

Like, Georgia loves eating feta and/or bleu cheese straight from the container with a fork. Which doesn't make our house smell like vomit AT ALL. 

Sometimes she will ask to do things, but these days I just want her to tell me WHEN she's going to do something. So just about every morning I'll hear "Mom! I'm going to get my dolly from the car!" And the front door opens and shuts and I know she's standing outside in her jammies and a coat and some cowboy boots figuring out how to get her doll out of the car. The other day I kept a side eye on this and I watched as she ventured out to the van, realized it was locked, came back in, grabbed my keys and proceeded to push every button on the key fob (except for the panic button, thank you Jesus) until she unlocked it and was able to rescue her Sleeping Beauty baby from the refrigerator Honda. Maybe that's not amazing to you but it's amazing to me. 

IMG_5423 (1).JPG

When she helps me cook, she calls me "Chef Mom." 
She collects a rock from the landscape outside the recreation center every day I go to the gym or she goes to ballet class. She doesn't just pick one at random. She changes her mind over and over until she can't stand it anymore. 
She climbs in our bed every once in awhile in the middle of the night. Once, I asked her why she does this and she told me she "just wants to be with somebody." 
She cries when she looks in the mirror and her hair isn't doing what she wants. 
She hates wearing clothes when she's at home. 
She pronounces excited "eggs-aye-ted."

And Ruth is your pretty standard 19 month old but she has quirks of her own, 
She holds a crayon like a grown up and puts her face veeeeery close to the paper before coloring in a very specific spot. 
She throws everything away even if it doesn't need to be thrown away. 
She can unroll an entire roll of toilet paper while you are getting ready in the bathroom. But you will never see her come or go. You'll just suddenly notice that all the toilet paper is on the floor and not on the roll. She's like a t.p. ninja. 
She only sleeps with Aden and Anais bamboo blankets because she thinks she's the royal effing baby. 
She sits on my lap and instantly turns it into territory that 1. she owns and 2. Georgia suddenly wants a piece of. It can get pretty Sharks and Jets sometimes. 

Barney the Dinosaur is her one true love. She calls out his name at all hours of the day. She will tolerate Elmo for no more than 20 minutes but then, unimpressed, she will look at you and demand "Bah-neeeeeee"
She will gather all the supplies you might need to give her what she wants. I was once getting ready (yeah, once) in my bathroom upstairs when I heard a grunting Ruthie getting closer and closer. She brought me two gifts: an unopened jar of applesauce, and a plastic bowl. She handed them to me and signed "please." The image of Ruthie crawling up the stairs, heaving those two things in her chubby little hands- that image keeps me going at the gym. If Ruthie didn't give up, neither can I! 
If I'm really lucky, I can say "Let's change your diaper" and she will fetch me a diaper and a case of wipes. 
Or she will say no. Which is usually just a sassy voice inflection. 

I want to hear all the quirks of all the babies in the land. What makes your little weirdos weird?