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Happy Easter Dresses!

Carrie ChapmanComment

Happy Easter, friends! We are spending our weekend watching LDS General Conference so the girls got to wear their Easter dresses last Sunday. Confession: I took these photos a couple weeks ago because I didn't want to stress about it around the actual holiday. Mission freaking accomplished. 

I found this purple wall behind a building on Main Street. I'd like to tell you I'm so whimiscal and this is behind a quaint bistro or something. Nope. This is the backdoor to Curves. We keep it classy with our photo ops. 

I was so excited when I saw this stupid purple wall. My brain was having a hard time focusing on anything else. "Must... take... all.. the pictures..." 


The girls each got these bunnies from their grandma's. As in, Mimi came to vist and Georgia got one, and then Gammy came to visit the following weekend and got one for Ruthie. They love these bunnies so much you wouldn't think we had a real one. I will say, I've never felt a stuffed animal feel as close (or as soft) as the actual animal. They are pretty beloved over here (obviously). 

Every Easter feels like it's a "speical one" for me and this year is no exception. I have more thoughts on it but i just wanted to get these cute pics up and out of the way. May you find all the eggs you need to fill your basket!