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Dinosaur National Monument

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

I can't say enough about how small our little town is. It's small. But we do have a national claim to fame, and that's dinosaurs. I bet you could go for hike anywhere in Vernal, UT and find a fossil. They're everywhere. 

The Dinosaur National Monument is where we take everyone who comes and visit because it really is pretty impressive. These pictures are from the first time we went on a random Saturday. We have been back like, four times since this. lt's cool everytime because you get to touch real dinosaur bones and you just can't downplay that. 

I don't know all of the technical words (hi, not a paleontologist) but basically they uncovered a crap load of dinosaur bones in a hill and built a building around it so all could enjoy. 


So if you come see us, we will take you here. And you can touch dinosaur bones. I've heard there are some hikes with petroglyphs too so if you come in the summer you'll get double the ancient history lesson ;)

And you'll also get to see us. We're just as awkward as we look.