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Vernal Doesn't Do Easter BUNNY

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Easter egg hunts were a big part of my childhood growing up, and I wanted to make sure that the girls experienced the same rush (adreniline/candy) that I had as a kid. But being a parent reeeeally brings the laziness out we had not taken the girls to any egg hunts and opted to just scatter some through our backyard and call it a day. Which worked and all was well. 
BUT NOT THIS YEAR! This year we got are arses out of bed and and ventured to find plastic toy eggs! Of course, we had to buy Easter baskets to replace the ones I had tossed in our last move and when I showed up at the grocery store I noticed a bunch of mini looters escaping through the autmatic doors with what looked to be at least 20 bucks of candy per kid. Apparently Smith's had an egg hunt we had just missed. 
We also found out the one we were headed to was actually 30 minutes away and were told instead to go to the one held at the dinosaur museum. We got there early, and there was a line, but we were kept company: 

I realize now that you can't really tell that the orange thing is a dinosaur so here's a better shot of her (him?) with someone else's kid: 


Ruthie = clearly impressed. She cried everytime that monster even walked by. So, you know. Booking our tickets to Disneyland soon. 

Georgia was thrilled with the deformed-eyelash dino and also a friendly caveman who kept us company in the line. 

Said cave man gave us instructions on how a million toddlers collect eggs in a museum without breaking anything. The kids collected as many EMPTY eggs as they wanted and at the end turned them all in for ONE non-candy prize. 

Clearly, wise parents of toddlers planned this gig and we are thankful. 


I wish I could have captured the determined look on Georgia's face. GATHER ALL THE EMPTY PLASTIC EGGS! 
Ruth was much more concerened with openining a few rather than gathering many. 

Afer they filled their baskets, they ran into this guy: 

At the end the girls turned in their eggs and got a small stuffed dinosaur. Ruthie loved hers, saying "doo doo doo ROAR!" every 30 seconds. 

Hope your Easter egg hunter and gatherers had as much success as we did!