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Surprise Baby (Mom) Shower

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So my best friend called me a few weeks ago and said she wanted to have a little date with me on Saturday. Said that it was a surprise, but that we were going to go to a "festival" and that it was going to be a little bit of a drive from her house. I had no reason to not believe this.

You can imagine my shock then, when I walked into her home and found a surprise baby shower in my honor! I had some family and friends waiting for my arrival and I felt so special. I was even more surprised to see the elaborate little party that Anna had put together. Everything seemed to be spa/relaxation themed and so stinking perfect.
This face mask cheese ball made by Kenzi was a HIT. It cracked me up

In every detail, I could see Anna's thought process and how she tried to make the whole thing personalized to me. From the freshly squeezed orange juice, to the whole tomatoes on a vine (my favorite snack-I like to eat them like apples) to the funky bamboo forks. Even the background of vines she pulled out of her backyard and hung on the wall! So much thoughtfulness. So much time and effort.

 Anna explained that since this is my second kid (and second girl, due around the same time of year my first girl was born), I am not in need of a lot of stuff. She said that a pregnant mom should still be pampered though, and that this shower was to celebrate ME. It felt like a surprise birthday party that I didn't deserve!

To get the party started, she handed me a beautiful box and inside was a gift card to a spa for a WHOLE SPA DAY. Like, massage, pedicure, manicure, facial. This is something that I had put on my life goal list to do thinking that I would someday do it when I was retired and rich. I was blown away by the generosity of friends and family who pitched in to get me such a thoughtful and extravagant gift. I could just cry thinking about it.

Later, we all grabbed some of the delicious food and those of us that wanted to soaked our feet in some lavender foot baths while we ate. Anna MADE a couple of foot scrubs (lemon and strawberry) and you topped off your treatment with a mud mask and lotion. She also made little lavender epsom salt party favors for everyone to take home.

I opened the rest of my gifts which were all for pampering myself and felt overwhelmingly grateful all over again. What thoughtful friends and family I have!

Anna had asked a yoga instructor to come by so after we had all visited and ate we went into the (magical) backyard and had a private mini yoga class.

There were modified poses and  hip openers for me. While I was a bit distracted by everyone around I was still able to feel... I don't know? Zen? Anyway, when I looked up I had this view:

You see?

The instructor was super nice (and freaking beautiful) and stayed a little after we finished the session to teach anyone who wanted to learn how to do a headstand. They were all pretty proud of themselves after ;)

After everyone headed home I stayed on Anna's couch and gushed/bragged to my mom and Scott (both of whom were in on the whole thing and anxious to hear how it all went) about how wonderful it was. Scott encouraged me to take the rest of the day to do what I wanted. Anna put her daughter down for a nap and so we decided to take advantage of the no-kids time.

We weren't exactly sure what to do but ended up hitting Sonic happy hour (I know, right after yoga. Whatever), Hobby Lobby and a local boutique where we shared a dressing room and I bought a couple of shirts. Could I have asked for a better afternoon with my best friend? I don't think so.

Thank you, sweet Anna, for another wonderful day :)

Hello... Gorgeous! (Gender Reveal Party)

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Yup. I threw a party for my unborn child. 

Call me crazy. 

I'm the worst with surprises, so baby #2 will know later just how special this was. I wanted it to be special. I haven't taken belly photos or thought about this pregnancy 24/7 like I did with my first one. I felt kind of bad about that. So I threw a party in honor of this little baby instead :)

 But for real, you guys. I hate surprises. I always try and look at my presents before Christmas... at 27. I was hoping to catch a peak of the gender during the ultrasound, or hold the envelope up to the light or something. The ultrasound technician made me close my eyes while he verified the gender! And I DID! I was so strong.
Then, I took the envelope to a balloon place where the girl was all kinds of confused as I explained it to her.
"I don't get the game..."
Once I explained it again, she looked at me wide-eyed and cried: "You mean YOU don't even know the gender?!" I told her it's only her and the ultrasound guy who would know before 7pm that night. She was honored and felt the need to introduce herself since blowing up balloons suddenly became more personal.

I drove home with a box full of balloons that were either red (girl), or blue (boy). Inside the box was also the envelope with the information so I really couldn't cheat!

Okay, okay, on to the party:

I worked with the talented Kathy from Tickled Peach Studio (I think I might use her for every party I ever have) to create what I wanted. If you haven't given Kathy your business yet, I would highly suggest going over there right now and buying something from her. She's amazing. You can find the invitation we made (here).

For the food, I had these epic s'mores cupcakes planned but the frosting was a disaster and we ran out of time. That's why we quickly threw a dollop of marshmallow cream under some chocolate frosting haha! Everyone said the graham cracker crust was what made it good so I was happy.
I also made my first ever pie pops with the maker I got for Christmas! I threw in some strawberries, bananas and pineapple on sticks. And the day before the party I found these raspberry swirls at Costco (like the cinnamon swirls I love) and knew I had to have them!

My favorite part of the table, though were the Jones Sodas. I had to search high and low for these babies, but I was DETERMINED! So happy with the adorable wrappers too!

Because we are slightly ridiculous (and also hilarious), we had a voting station. Yup. Complete with stickers that everyone could proudly wear. Everyone loves an "I voted" sticker, right?

When it was time to open the box of balloons they SHOT out so fast! I was worried about the "high float" wearing off by the party, but that stuff does not mess around! The balloons are STILL floating high in my living room! Also, the kids loved this. LOVED it.
I was totally shocked by it being a girl. I was sure it was a boy! Scott AND Georgia said girl, so I probably should have listened to them. I am beyond thrilled (of course) and can't wait to play with another funny little girl! Scott used the word "relieved." Haha!

I threw this in here because it made me laugh! On the left, we have Miss June Bug reaching for her mom behind the camera. On the right, you have me- apparently giving a discourse of some kind. 

I was surprised by the amount of people who came. I mean, we didn't invite a million, but it's kind of an odd party theme and it was so fun to find out this special thing with family and friends. Thank you to all who came! We love you!

And a big thanks to Anna, who, you guessed it, took all of the photos.

We can't wait to meet our new little girl in July :)

Made it Monday: Rachel's Circus Baby Shower

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Last week, I threw a small shower for my sweet friend, Rachel who is expecting a baby boy any day now! It was small (just 5 of us) but it was fun :)

With the help of my 16 year old brother, we made a circus tent in my living room. You read that right. What 16 year old brother spends the day helping his older sister decorate for a baby shower? Mine.

 I feel like, even though these photos are awesome- it still looked so cool in person. Like, you had to be there.

My brother loved the tent, but my favorite part were the customized onesies. Just another perk of living down the street from your in-laws screen printing business. But seriously, I was really grateful they were able to get these to me in the time they did- they really had a huge effect. You may be seeing them up in Little Treetops shop soon ;) Except for the middle one. If you read it closely, the top says "Strider" which is Rachel's little one's name.

For the food, I had cupcakes, a hot dog bar, and popcorn. I also had cinnamon bears in place of where the peanuts are- but I thought peanuts were cute too.

You can find the cute printables I used here
 Ever since Scott got this popcorn popper as a birthday gift last year, I have been dying to celebrate something with a circus theme! This was the perfect occasion

I spent too much money on these lids to not use them at every party I have. But I love the effect every time. I wrapped tickets around the cake stand holding my barrel water dispenser full of lemonade.

We spent most of our time snacking and enjoying the company. I did not plan any games, but because Rachel is crafty, I plopped out a tray of supplies and declared that we could all make little bow ties for Strider. They all turned out adorable, and I think that Rachel sincerely liked making them- so phew!

So that's that. Thanks for looking! And don't forget to take favor on your way out ;)

Georgia Peach 1st Birthday Party

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There was no Made it Monday last week because I was crazy busy getting ready for Georgia's 1st birthday party! I planned it for an embarrassing long amount of time, but I had a lot of fun having a project to work on.

Saturday was hot hot hot here- like 98 degrees hot. Luckily for our guests, there was a big breeze. This was NOT so lucky for the decorations I had worked so hard on, but I would have much rather everything get ruined and no one faint haha!

I was pretty stressed out about 45 minutes before the party, and then Anna, my best friend and photographer of the party, put her arm around me and said:
 "This is for Georgia, and all she's going to remember is the pictures. Don't worry, I got this."

All stress was pretty much swept away at that point and even though I was all over the place, we all had a lot of fun. There's no way I could have done it all without the help of so many- including my mom and dad who made sure the food table was stocked and the water jug full for everyone who was dying of heat!

There was no way the wind was going to let us light her birthday candle but we still had Miss Georgia eat her cake.

 I loved watching her smash into so much that I just kept letting her eat it. It wasn't until I saw the damage while Scott was bathing her that I realized she had pretty much eaten half of the cake! Oops. Well, you only turn one once, right? When she came back out to the party, baby's hair was still wet from her bath, so the wind blew into this crazy mad scientist do. I love that kid.

I love the Korean Dol tradition of having everyone guess what the baby will be when she grows up so I borrowed it. The options were a doctor, a librarian, a chef and a blogger (kind of as a joke and just for fun). 

Most people voted for a blogger, and my aunt said it was because Georgia is already a fashion blogger! Of course, that's what she chose. Then, we had Georgia pick a ticket out of everyone who voted for blogger and the winner got a little basket with a small peach-themed stationary set. 

Opening presents was so fun for Georgia. She was so spoiled by the generosity of our friends and family. I was trying to quickly open the gifts since people had to leave, which meant I wasn't giving Georgia a lot of time to enjoy each present and just looked like I was opening them for myself... it was kind of awkward I think.

After the party, there were tons of people willing to help take everything down and I was exhausted. My small apartment was stocked full of gifts, decoration messes, dishes and people. In the end, I just sat down.
Big thanks to everyone who helped clean up (especially my dad who cleaned the kitchen at least four times). Somehow, by the time my family left the next day, my apartment was clean.

Georgia's actual birthday is not until Thursday, but we were so happy to celebrate her turning one at our little party with all of our family and friends. I know that Georgia's favorite thing is to be in a big group of people and she was in heaven with all of the love and sugar that surrounded her. Thank you everyone for making the party such a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all peaches in my book.

*I have gotten some questions as to where I found some things so below are the credits to each thing. All of the vendors I worked with were pretty amazing and really helped me stay in my budget via haggling, coupons and deal of the day websites. You will also noticed that I borrowed a TON, so I'm grateful to everyone that let me pillage their stuff. 
Location: My apartment complex's little courtyard
Invitation and Thank You's: Tickled Peach Studio
Banner: made by me
Windows: KSL- the smaller ones are hung in Georgia's room, and the larger one I want to turn into a mirror one day. I had bought them last year for $5 each
Lace table cloths: Mostly from Scott's Grandma Chapman, but some from my mom and some were lace curtains I bought at DI and used as table cloths. The lace behind the windows were borrowed from Anna.
Plastic table cloths under the lace ones: Dollar Store
Mason Jars: On hand, borrowed from my MIL, and bought at DI
Mason Jar lids: Mindy Mae's Market
Paper Straws: Pretty Sweet Stuff
Jar wraps and rose tags: Made by me
Ruffled Crepe Paper: The Gilded Bee
"Career" Tags and sign: Made by me
Raffle Tickets: Zurchers
Roses: Costco
Candlesticks: Dollar Store
Peaches: Costco
Balloons: Zurchers
Tables: Borrowed from my MIL, my mom, and Judy
Chairs: South Davis Rental
Bowls, plates, forks, and extra tumbler cups: Dollar Store
Water Jug:  Borrowed from my mom: Costco
Cupcake Liners: Michaels via Paula Deen
Bags: Celestial Gifts
Screen printed by Scott
Peach Rings: Smith's
Tea bags: Celestial Peach Passion Herbal Tea
Stationary set for the winner of the raffle: Michaels via Paula Deen
Chicken croissant sandwiches: Made by me
Pasta salad: Made by me
Strawberry spinach salad: Made by my MIL
Potato salad: Made by my SIL
Peach cupcakes: Made by me using this recipe
Cake: Made by my talented cousin, Cami
Georgia's Dress: Baby Gap (via ebay)
Georgia's Bow (not that she would keep it on during the party...): Simply Swoon
Photography: Anna Alyse Photography