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"Made It"

Made it: Valentine Card Wreath

"Made It"Carrie Lynn2 Comments
I wanted to make a Valentine wreath for my door (which, by the way, was only just recently stripped of the Christmas wreath). All of the ideas I liked were full of yarn I don't have or felt flowers I don't have much time for.

That's when I remembered a box full of Valentine's Day cards I bought last April for $1. There are about a million of them and they are Victorian inspired and pretty (albeit a tad too tacky to actually give to someone). 

I also had a grapevine wreath sitting around so I got to work on my vision of a V-Day card wreath. 

I cut the cards in half since I only had use for the front. Then I just punched some holes in them and tied them to the vines with ribbon. 

30 minutes later, I was hanging it on my door.

Yeah, I love it. 

I keep thinking this would be fun with all of the character Valentine's that kids take to school too. Maybe I'll hang a One Direction one on the back of Scott's chair at work. I'm really good at showing I care.

Also, in the spirit of making over my "front room," I am forgoing "Made it Monday" because I didn't like feeling restricted to a specific day. For now on, it'll just be "Made it" whenever I post about something that... well... I made. 

Made it Monday: Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

"Made It"Carrie LynnComment

I made this little trio of gnomes for my mom's annual ornament party. They were pretty simple/easy to make and I think look adorable. The hardest part was finding wool felt (had to travel to Idaho to go to Craft Warehouse) and decent pinecones that weren't covered in crap. In the end, I chose some that had some silver glitter, but a little glitter looks good on a tree amIright?

Here are a few more I made for my mom with pinecones I found at a Craft Warehouse...

You can find the original BHG ornaments and instructions here

Made it Monday: Chocolate Chip Cookies (that are perfect every time)

"Made It"Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Last night as Scott and I settled in to our new apartment, Scott mentioned inviting people over for chocolate chip cookies and milk. It was such a sweet and simple idea. In a world of Pinterest, all the cookies I see are stuffed with this and that or elaborately decorated.

So I went into my (larger) kitchen and whipped up these bad boys who have never failed me. Seriously, I have made them at different elevations and they have turned out perfect every single time.

Dad's Chocolate Chip Cookies

1/3 cup butter, softened
2/3 cup shortening (we use coconut oil instead)
1 cup sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup chopped walnuts 

In a large bowl, cream the butter, shortening and sugars until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Combine the flour, salt and baking soda; gradually add to creamed mixture and mix well. Stir in chocolate chips and nuts. 

Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls unto ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350 for 10-11 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from pans to cool on wire racks. 

Yields: 5 dozen

No one ended up coming over, but Georgie followed Scott's lead in dunking her cookies in milk.

I just love cookies.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Tickled Peach Studio Giveaway :)

Made it Monday: Tulle Hair Bow

"Made It"Carrie Lynn1 Comment

While getting Georgia dressed, I discovered that I didn't have any white hair bows. Seems like the white ones ALWAYS get lost. I dove into my craft disaster in search of some white felt or fabric and discovered I didn't have any... which was so odd. What I did have, however, was a bunch of white tulle.

Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at making a hair bow out of THAT and I was pretty pleased with how it looks and how easy it was. I love when that happens- it's a rare thing over here.

I took a piece of tulle 6" wide by 15" long. Folded it in half length wise, then folded it length wise again. Then I folded it in half "hamburger style." Then, I folded it so the two ends met in the middle. I pinched it with my fingers and took a long piece of tulle (about 1" by 15") and wrapped it around the middle. Added a dab of glue on the back and threw in an alligator clip. 

I had a hard time deciding between leaving it nice and folded or cutting the ends to look fluffy.

No matter what, you can't go wrong once you put it on a cute baby.

Made it Monday: Leopard Infinity Scarf

"Made It"Carrie Lynn2 Comments
Good leopard print fabric is surprisingly difficult to find. Luckily, JoAnn's came through for me again!

I wanted to make myself a leopard print infinity scarf for Fall. It's a little too short for me to wear as a fashion scarf, but it's perfect with a coat for outside.

I made Georgia one, though and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

She loves wearing like she loves wearing necklaces and I think she looks so trendy and cute.

And look, I know to WATCH her while she wears this so she doesn't choke and die. I know not to put her to bed in it*

I followed this tutorial which is by far the best one for infinity scarves (complete with a little video)

I also have to mention that I hate trying to take good pictures. I don't have sunlight in my apartment and I don't have a baby who will sit still and smile. These pictures were taken over a course of 3 days and they were  the only decent ones I got- and the last one was with the 30second help of Scott before he went out the door and caused a 35 minute melt-down tantrum in honor of him leaving. If you come here wanting to see blog posts with photography a la Rockstar Diaries... I highly suggest you go check out Rockstar Diaries.

*Something I may or may not have done and then remembered and then freaked out about and ran to take it off of her sleeping little self... 

Made it TUESday: $8 Toddler Witch Costume

"Made It"Carrie Lynn6 Comments

I made this little costume for Georgia's friend, June, but it was so cheap and easy I couldn't resist making one for Georgia too. All of the little witch accessories added up to 8 bucks.

I got the hat at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon), threw on some ribbon I had on hand and some elastic to fit Georgie girl's head. $1.

I used the same ribbon to finish the cape. The cape is 1/4 yard of satin-ish fabric from Wal-Mart that ended up being about a dollar. I couldn't find any super simple cape tutorials online... I basically just made a pillow case, gathered the top, and add a ribbon over the raw edge (like bias tape). $1

The little broom was in the deal bins at Target and I about fainted when I saw them. I bought a natural colored broom, painted it black and added glitter. It is PERFECT $2.50

The leggings were from a pair of thigh-high Halloween socks. I measured from the top of the sock to the length of Georgia's leg, cut there and hemmed. Bam. The pair of socks was $5, but since they were thigh-high I got 2 leggings out of them which means Georgia's leggings were only $2.50.

I had the onesie and the tutu (and those rockin' shoes) on hand and all of which can be worn when it's not Halloween. You can always decorate the onesie, make the tutu (for about $3) or find fun shoes but I like this simple little costume.

... and the insane girl who refused to pose for a picture in it.

P.S.I had this all ready to put up yesterday- I did! But I could not for the LIFE of me get a decent picture of Georgia in her witch costume. The girl is impossible. I tried again today and I just ran around yelling/singing at her to smile. I tried everything but she ran away with her head down. I don't understand bloggers with children who smile for the camera. How do they get them to do that?!

Made it Monday: Tote Bag Etsy Shop

"Made It"Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Listen. I may be working for my in-laws over at Little Treetops designing baby onesies, but I got other ideas ok? And sure, maybe they're not t-shirts and maybe they're pretty simple, but I just spent a good chunk of time designing a few tote bags and thought they were worth sharing (selling).

All of them are $10 (with $2 shipping) and if you click caption under each picture, it should take you to the listing. Thanks for humoring me today!

If you're like me and you have a weird obsession with Mean Girls 

You know who you are

My friend Nathan would/will say this and it makes me laugh

For Peter Pan fans. 
Get it? Because it's on a TOTE?

Because I have felt judged at Whole Foods

Maybe because I really like Halloween, maybe because I'm not a nice person when I'm running errands

-Andy Warhol 

Made it Monday: Clever Receipt Bookmark

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So my 16 year old brother had a clever idea. He bought a book, highlighted the book name on the receipt, used my new laminating machine (happy birthday to me) and made a durable bookmark! 
I thought it was very cool.

We did learn that receipts do get a little darkened going through a hot setting, so be careful. We tried to do it on a cold setting but it didn't work. 

Made it Monday: Book Page Nightstand

"Made It"Carrie Lynn4 Comments
It's been weeks since a Made it Monday feature but the end of the summer is crazy for everyone right? RIGHT? Someone relate to me! (wink at Brandilyn)

Listen. I have been in search of nightstands forever. FOREVER. Scott and I really needed a place to put our bedside crap but didn't want to pay at least $100 for it. So I searched, and searched and searched. Finally, one day- I found two wooden filing cabinets at the thrift store that ended up being $5 a piece. I could have fainted, I tell you.

I instantly loved them but after my trauma with my coffee table, was not looking forward to ever spray painting another piece of furniture.

In the end, I chose to cover them with book pages* and spray paint only the drawers.

Please excuse the blurry photos. I don't know what happened. I'm a blogger, not a photographer. 

I used modge podge, but I DID NOT put the glue all over the cabinet and THEN put the pages over it. I found that that process made getting bubbles out a billion times harder than it had to be. Instead, I put the glue on the back of each individual page, THEN placed it on the cabinet and smoothed out the bubbles with an old gift card. 

I spray painted the drawers with Krylon Black Satin Finish and used Krylon Nickle to paint the hardware. Also, I lost 4 screws in the grass and felt like the parents in Honey I Shrunk The Kids looking for them.

I have not yet finished the second but am planning on it. Pretty much love it.

*I usually have some weird moral issue with using books for crafts, but I have these two HORRIBLE books I don't think anyone should read that I have been crafting with for what feels like ever. Weird issue, though right?

Georgia's Nursery

"Made It", "Rooms"Carrie Lynn8 Comments
My best friend is this really amazing photographer. She is also a poet. When we were pregnant together (!), she did this beautiful photography project that incorporated her poetry kind of as a gift to herself and her baby. And I thought- dang. I wish I had some sort of displayable talent to show how excited I am for my daughter to come...

Then I realized that I had worked really hard on her nursery. We are renting, so we can't paint the walls, and since Scott and I aren't rolling in the green we had to be very conservative. I scored all of the furniture on final clearance or a garage sale (rocking chair + ottoman = $15, windows = $5). My mom and my aunt were kind enough to get the crib bedding that I wanted, and all the rest I had on hand or made myself.


I'd say it was a labor of love. And sure, it's not totally crazy and elaborate, but now, over a year later, Georgia's nursery is still my favorite room in our little apartment. 

I made the book clock (a sort of tutorial is here)
I decided not to get a dresser, so for now, her clothes are folded up in these baskets in her changing table.

I always wanted a reading nook- but there wasn't much room for a big bookshelf. Instead, her books are in the cupboard by "Bo" the bear and we cuddle up with him to read. It is Georgia's favorite spot. I love watching her walk in, get a book and flip through it on Bo's lap.

There are all sorts of small details that I love. 

I made this frame while I was pregnant. It has my favorite poem about motherhood on it.

And, at night, there is a soft glow from the lamp and the chandelier to say "nigh-night"

Made it Monday: Petal Pillow

"Made It"Carrie LynnComment
So, I pretty much broke my Aunt's heart when I was visiting her in Virginia. She was SURE that I made something every Monday- on a Monday and that's how "Made it Monday" came to be. For all of you under the same notion, alas, this is not so. I usually do make something about once a week, but it rarely is ever on a Monday. I just so happen to blog about my little creations on Mondays because I think it's catchy.

In fact, I made this pillow months ago. MONTHS. And if you have been to my apartment and sat on my slip-covered garage sale couch, you may have leaned on it and said: "did you make this?"
Then I would nod and we would go about our merry conversation.

I like this pillow. It was an evening project while watching a movie. It was super easy and I followed this great tutorial to do it.
I didn't use felt like the original tutorial called for- I used duck canvas because I liked the subtle look and the fraying edges.

I really like pillows.

Georgia Peach 1st Birthday Party

"Celebrations", "Made It"Carrie Lynn9 Comments
There was no Made it Monday last week because I was crazy busy getting ready for Georgia's 1st birthday party! I planned it for an embarrassing long amount of time, but I had a lot of fun having a project to work on.

Saturday was hot hot hot here- like 98 degrees hot. Luckily for our guests, there was a big breeze. This was NOT so lucky for the decorations I had worked so hard on, but I would have much rather everything get ruined and no one faint haha!

I was pretty stressed out about 45 minutes before the party, and then Anna, my best friend and photographer of the party, put her arm around me and said:
 "This is for Georgia, and all she's going to remember is the pictures. Don't worry, I got this."

All stress was pretty much swept away at that point and even though I was all over the place, we all had a lot of fun. There's no way I could have done it all without the help of so many- including my mom and dad who made sure the food table was stocked and the water jug full for everyone who was dying of heat!

There was no way the wind was going to let us light her birthday candle but we still had Miss Georgia eat her cake.

 I loved watching her smash into so much that I just kept letting her eat it. It wasn't until I saw the damage while Scott was bathing her that I realized she had pretty much eaten half of the cake! Oops. Well, you only turn one once, right? When she came back out to the party, baby's hair was still wet from her bath, so the wind blew into this crazy mad scientist do. I love that kid.

I love the Korean Dol tradition of having everyone guess what the baby will be when she grows up so I borrowed it. The options were a doctor, a librarian, a chef and a blogger (kind of as a joke and just for fun). 

Most people voted for a blogger, and my aunt said it was because Georgia is already a fashion blogger! Of course, that's what she chose. Then, we had Georgia pick a ticket out of everyone who voted for blogger and the winner got a little basket with a small peach-themed stationary set. 

Opening presents was so fun for Georgia. She was so spoiled by the generosity of our friends and family. I was trying to quickly open the gifts since people had to leave, which meant I wasn't giving Georgia a lot of time to enjoy each present and just looked like I was opening them for myself... it was kind of awkward I think.

After the party, there were tons of people willing to help take everything down and I was exhausted. My small apartment was stocked full of gifts, decoration messes, dishes and people. In the end, I just sat down.
Big thanks to everyone who helped clean up (especially my dad who cleaned the kitchen at least four times). Somehow, by the time my family left the next day, my apartment was clean.

Georgia's actual birthday is not until Thursday, but we were so happy to celebrate her turning one at our little party with all of our family and friends. I know that Georgia's favorite thing is to be in a big group of people and she was in heaven with all of the love and sugar that surrounded her. Thank you everyone for making the party such a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all peaches in my book.

*I have gotten some questions as to where I found some things so below are the credits to each thing. All of the vendors I worked with were pretty amazing and really helped me stay in my budget via haggling, coupons and deal of the day websites. You will also noticed that I borrowed a TON, so I'm grateful to everyone that let me pillage their stuff. 
Location: My apartment complex's little courtyard
Invitation and Thank You's: Tickled Peach Studio
Banner: made by me
Windows: KSL- the smaller ones are hung in Georgia's room, and the larger one I want to turn into a mirror one day. I had bought them last year for $5 each
Lace table cloths: Mostly from Scott's Grandma Chapman, but some from my mom and some were lace curtains I bought at DI and used as table cloths. The lace behind the windows were borrowed from Anna.
Plastic table cloths under the lace ones: Dollar Store
Mason Jars: On hand, borrowed from my MIL, and bought at DI
Mason Jar lids: Mindy Mae's Market
Paper Straws: Pretty Sweet Stuff
Jar wraps and rose tags: Made by me
Ruffled Crepe Paper: The Gilded Bee
"Career" Tags and sign: Made by me
Raffle Tickets: Zurchers
Roses: Costco
Candlesticks: Dollar Store
Peaches: Costco
Balloons: Zurchers
Tables: Borrowed from my MIL, my mom, and Judy
Chairs: South Davis Rental
Bowls, plates, forks, and extra tumbler cups: Dollar Store
Water Jug:  Borrowed from my mom: Costco
Cupcake Liners: Michaels via Paula Deen
Bags: Celestial Gifts
Screen printed by Scott
Peach Rings: Smith's
Tea bags: Celestial Peach Passion Herbal Tea
Stationary set for the winner of the raffle: Michaels via Paula Deen
Chicken croissant sandwiches: Made by me
Pasta salad: Made by me
Strawberry spinach salad: Made by my MIL
Potato salad: Made by my SIL
Peach cupcakes: Made by me using this recipe
Cake: Made by my talented cousin, Cami
Georgia's Dress: Baby Gap (via ebay)
Georgia's Bow (not that she would keep it on during the party...): Simply Swoon
Photography: Anna Alyse Photography

Made it Monday: Father's Day Tie Wreath

"Made It"Carrie Lynn3 Comments

My husband is a hoarder. 
Today, at his parents shop, he pulled out a box of ties. There were probably like 30 in there. Then, he handed me a paper bag with probably another 50. They are all ugly ties. It's his ugly tie collection. 

Well, instead of throwing all of these away, I decided I could make something out of them. I have had an idea for a tie wreath for a while now, and I was happy (sh! don't tell him) that I had all of these for free.
Of course, I thought my idea was totally original and then found few just like it on the internet. Does that happen to anyone else? I hate when that happens to me!
Anyway, this wreath was super easy, took no glue or sewing, and I was done in about 15 minutes.

Fold the tie in half, but don't line the edges up exactly
Place tie under your wreath
Flip the folded edge all the way around your wreath, coming toward you

Wrap the rest of the tie around the wreath, away from you
Position the tie the way you want it
Pin in place with a straight pin

I tied a tie in a bow and stuck on some stickers to say: "worlds best dad" 

Because I want everyone to know that he lives here. Even though he's a hoarder. 

Made it Monday: Writing Prompts Booklet

"Made It"Carrie LynnComment
My cousin Benjamin is pretty awesome. He plays football, and throws shot put and he's like a million feet tall. What you probably couldn't tell from looking at him though (seriously, he's huge) is that he likes to fall asleep in his mom's lap. And he writes short stories. And he's one of the most tenderhearted people ever. I don't know a whole lot of 18 year old boys like that.

We went to his graduation party on Saturday, and I was trying to come up with a gift. The best part about having no money is that you are forced to give really thought-out, handmade stuff.
I thought about Benjamin, and how I reallyreallyreally hope he never stops writing. So I made him this:

Just 20 blank index cards with 20 different creative writing prompts on them. Some I made up, and some I got from a few websites. I didn't have time to punch a hole through every page, so I just had them held together with a cool clip- it was more masculine than tied with a ribbon, anyway.

My favorite prompt is: "Beer-Crazed Elephants Face Execution!"
Of course, Ben has already written a story about an elephant.

Made it Monday: Updated Flip Flop

"Made It"Carrie Lynn1 Comment

I did NOT come up with this idea, but I certainly liked it. I followed this tutorial here and made my flip flops a little less flop and flipped them into a new pair of sandals (see what I did there?)

side view with baby 
I used an old t-shirt to make have that pop of color that's so in this spring.

I love having a new pair of shoes for $0. There's so many ways you can do this, too. I got overwhelmed (and excited) and just did them the way I saw. I pretty much love them.

Happy Monday!

Made it Monday: Tiny Apartment Kitchen Upgrade

"Made It"Carrie Lynn4 Comments
I cook in a hallway.

Scratch that. My hallway is bigger than my kitchen.

Not only is my kitchen tiny, I am also renting. This means I can't make my kitchen cute. No new cabinets, no chevron stripes on the walls, no fancy new knobs.

I have a small space and not many options so this is what I did:

I never used an apron because they were all hanging up in my front closet as there was no room for them in any of the drawers. After too many grease stains, I got those bad boys out and hung them on a tension rod that is attached to the wall with small hooks. Bam. Cute and functional.

My mother-in-law gave me the menu board (a hint, perhaps? Haha!) for mother's day and it was so cute and I knew it would look perfect above my aprons.
The "board" is an upgraded picture frame with two hooks screwed into the bottom where you can keep a dry erase marker. Notice Tuesday says "fend for yourself" and Thursday says "leftovers." we keep it classy.

I couldn't stop there, though. Today, I went to the thrift store and picked up two small cookie sheets, spray-painted them with chalkboard paint and gave myself two chalkboard/magnet boards of awesomeness.

You guys. I just might start cooking again.

Made it Monday: Tea-Dyed Baby Shoes

"Made It"Carrie Lynn1 Comment
(From left to right)

1. First, I had Georgia crawl over something super sharp and dangerous at the park and get a hole in the top of her new-ish shoes. Don't freak out- I didn't really put her up to it. Then, I realized that I didn't want these shoes to go to waste, so I decided to dye them with tea. 

2. Then, I got some Earl Grey Black Tea on sale. 

3. I cut off the tea tags with those scissors on that counter. 

4. I brought about 10 tea bags to a boil

5. I turned down the heat to barely a simmer and I dumped in the shoes, one at a time.

6. I made sure they were fully submerged.

7. Then I flipped them over and left them there for about an hour while I watched House on Hulu.

8. I pulled them out when I thought they were going to be the right color, keeping in mind that the color will fade with washes. Then, I rinsed them in the sink until the water ran clear. 

9. After they dried, I gave Georgia her "new" shoes and she was pleased because fashion is important to her. 

*Linked: Tatertots&Jello

Made it Monday: Peasant Tops for Georgia

"Made It"Carrie Lynn3 Comments
I really do hate sewing. I hate sewing like I hate exercise. I hate actually doing it, but I usually like the results.

I decided that I needed to learn how to sew on sleeves. I can now pretty much make Georgia as many jumpers as I want, but without know how to do sleeves, I would never be able to really make a nice dress. I also have this nasty habit of always wanting to buy my baby clothes, so learning how to make my own little things out of my fabric pile would help me out financially.

I used this pattern by Sew Sweet Patterns to make the dress. I thought the pattern was inexpensive and straightforward. With all that said, it took me over 3 hours to make this first shirt.

Cute, though right?  I just had no idea how to sew on sleeves and feel like, to make the shirt faster, I would have had to have had someone sitting next to me demonstrating how to do it.

At one point, while making it, I put everything away and threw the shirt in the trash because I was so frustrated. Scott talked me through it. I'm glad he did.

I decided that practice makes perfect, and I tried my hand at it again and made this:

Ipod Touch photo because my camera wasn't working
This time, it only took me a little less than 2 hours and the sleeves are a bit more proportional.

I'm no seamstress, but I get pretty happy when someone in public compliments Georgia's shirts and I can say:
"I made that."

Made it Monday: Scott's Bad Day Box

"Made It"Carrie Lynn5 Comments

I promise, I have made a lot of things that I could have been blogging about every Monday. For some reason, weekly features are always so hard for me to remember! To rectify the problem, I already have some Made it Mondays scheduled, so it will be more consistent. :)

For our anniversary, Scott and I decided that we were going to do handmade gifts. I showed up to The Melting Pot (for free cheese fondue) carrying this box

and was surprised by some beautiful roses on the table that Scott had prearranged to be there. He never does that sort of thing so I was absolutely twitter-pated. He told me that MY gift couldn't be given at the restaurant*, but I handed him HIS gift, and he was pretty pleased by what was inside.

This is Scott's "bad day box." I got the idea off the internet and my neighbor, who had made one for her husband. It's not exactly the most "handmade" thing- but the gift I wanted to make fell through and this was the next best thing. He was pretty amped by the stuff. I don't think I would normally name everything I got him for fear of sounding like I was bragging or something, but I think that, in this case, the "stuff" describes Scott pretty well.

The tag says: "This is your bad day box. There are lots of fun things in here that will hopefully make your day better and remind you that we love you so much!"

3 Books of Mad Libs
A photo album of his family
Candy (Snickers, Nerds, Blow Pops, Gum, )
A head scratcher
Inspirational book (To Draw Closer to God by Henry B. Eyring)
Inspirational photo book (Go For It!)
Beef Jerky
Love Coupons
Plastic "shooters" (toy guns that shoot balls- one for him and one for me)
In 'n' Out Burger gift card
Nielson's Custard gift card
Cards that I wrote him to remind him that he is doing great

Some things, the head scratcher and books, I had around the house. I think my favorite is the photo album. One thing is for sure, Scott has already used his box- eating one piece of beef jerky at a time and thumbing through all of the things that make him happy. Seems just opening it makes him feel better. And that makes me feel like a million bucks. 

*For my handmade gift, Scott wrote me a song. I loved it. He said I can upload a video of it as soon as he perfects it. It's pretty silly and so great. What a wonderful guy. 

Made it Monday: Little Treetops Baby Onesies

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Did you know that my in-laws own a screen printing and embroidery shop? Or that my husband is their salesman? They are incredibly talented at what they do. They mostly print for large groups (races, camps, schools, companies), but about a year ago they told me that, inspired by their six granddaughters, they wanted to sell baby onesies.

Since then, we have been collaborating and figuring out just how it would work. They told me they wanted me to give input, but I ended up doing much more. I have put a lot into this project. If you go to the blog/shop, you will only see about a dozens products. We are paddling hard under water and have so many great things that will be coming out this next month! Our grand opening will be in April and we are beyond thrilled about it.
I'm telling you- you're going to want to follow our blog and like us on facebook now so that you can be up to date with all the giveaways and new products!

I actually did the artwork for the "Personality" onesies in the shop. I was reading an article a friend posted about how everyone just calls children cute and how that's not good. I thought that was confusing, because, honestly, the first thing I usually notice about a kid is that they ARE cute. How am I supposed to know, standing behind them in the grocery store that they are actually clever and talkative?

So I made some onesies that display just that. Personality traits. Something other than "adorable" or "daddy's favorite" or "handsome." I consider them tell-me-something-I-don't-know baby clothes.

Thank you     I am also smart

All designs offered in white ink, and black ink on white

There are a few other onesies there too (including an organic option) that are a vintage twist on some fun things like bicycles and ice cream cones. My talented SIL designed those.

The whole point of this is some pretty shameless self-promotion. But not just for money. Like I said, I have put a lot into this and am just excited to share it!

So check us out!