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Book Character Halloween Costume: The Paper Bag Princess

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie ChapmanComment

We just recently read The Paper Bag Princess and it has become a favorite in our house. Turns out not a lot of folks have heard of it. It's about a princess who is about to marry a prince. A dragon comes and smashes her castle and burns all of her clothes so all she has to wear is a paper bag. She sets out to outsmart the dragon and save her prince. We love it. 

Georgia's costume did not cost me a thing, although making the paper bag dress was a bit more complicated than I had anticipated. I found Ruth's dragon costume for $10 and I couldn't pass it up! Look at her! She's loving it! 
Again, these pictures were taken back in August so if you're going to go with this costume you obviously need to add some pants and a shirt under that paper bag. I wish I would have had Georgia's hair down like the princess in the book, and I also wish I would have put some dirt on her face. I was racing against the sun this day so it is what it is :) 

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