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12 Book Themed Halloween Costumes!

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie Chapman2 Comments

We love Halloween over here SO MUCH. Georgia had the entire family's costumes picked out by August 1st. I was lamenting over how sad it was that you can only dress up as one thing. My cousin told me that she tries to dress her kids like book characters and I had inspiration coming at lightening speed. Couple mine and Georgia's love for dressing up with reading and the result was inevitable. Over two months, Georgia dressed up like 12 different characters from our favorite children's books. 

My mom HATED Halloween and getting the kids dressed up. I really hope that these easy costumes can inspire moms to not feel so overwhelmed. 

Below is a link to each individual blog post to each costume. Happy Halloween! 



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Book Themed Halloween Costume: Coraline

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie ChapmanComment

I'm gonna be honest, I could have done better on this costume. I could have found a wig that was a darker blue. I could have made or found a dragonfly hair clip. I could have made a button key to put around her neck. But the point of these costumes are to show what I can come up with with what I have, and this is what I had :) 

Maybe some freckles too? It probably doesn't help that Georgia has no idea who Coraline is. We are gonna save that book for when she's older than 3. Still, I think she looks cute. 

Book Character Halloween Costume: Amelia Bedelia

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie ChapmanComment

Amelia Bedelia became on my favorites back in the second grade. She was my first introduction to puns and wordplay and I will forever be grateful for that. I thought she was the most hilarious lady on the planet. 
Georgia doesn't get the wordplay quite yet, but that doesn't mean I don't read her some Amelia Bedelia every once in a while. 

This wasn't my best photo shoot, but I was pretty pleased with the costume. Especially the hat! I used one of those foam visors you find at the dollar store and spray painted it black. The only way it would hold it's curve was to put the coil under her chin. 
If I was making this her actual costume, I probably would have taken the time to make a pinafore apron. Instead, I found this one at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars. Everything else I had on hand.