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Happiness is Baby Feet: Freshly Picked Moccasin Review and Giveaway

Carrie Chapman27 Comments

Right before I moved out of Utah, I went to a Freshly Picked pop up shop in Provo. I had been ogling at their delightful moccasins online for months... and maybe I was a bit of an embarrassing fan girl of Susan Peterson. Susan was as awesome as you remember her on Shark Tank and offered me a pair of moccasins to review here on the blog! Freshly Picked is also being kind enough to give one lucky winner a pair! 


There are a few things iI love about these baby shoes. First off, they are REAL leather. Ruthie's feet aren't going to sweat in them and that's a big deal to me. 


They also have elastic in them to keep them staying put. Sure, Ruth has been able to kick them off occasionally, but only when she's really trying to. 


I also liked that the smallest size wasn't itty bitty. Ruth has long, skinny feet and I was worried about the moccasins falling off but they have held up. Even though we got the smallest size, there is still room for her feet to grow. Another added benefit to them being leather is that they will stretch as her feet grow. I'm not the least bit concerned about her growing out of them too fast. I'm sure she will have these until she starts walking! 

I opted for the weathered brown moccs because I thought they'd go with everything through the spring and summer, and also because they were gender neutral. I may not have also snagged a pair of navy blue ones when they were on clearance a few weeks ago... 

I LOVE how these look with little dresses! They go with everything and make even the most generic baby clothes look hip.  There are TONS of color available (check out the new camo print. So cute). 

So you wanna win some? Thought so. One lucky winner will get a pair of moccasins of their choice! This giveaway is open for one week. You'll send me what you'd like and Freshly Picked will ship it directly to you- that way you'll get to experience their adorable packaging. 

Good luck kids!