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Book Themed Halloween Costume: A Bad Case of the Stripes

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie ChapmanComment

For final costume in this series, we went with our current favorite: Camilla Cream from A Bad of the Stripes by David Shannon. 
I cannot tell you how many times we have read this book. The spine is worn out already. 
I was going to be a lot more ambitious with this costume, but I decided to make it easy on myself. If I was doing this for Halloween, I would have added a rainbow striped shirt under the white tank top, and rainbow leggings. Those were a little hard to find at the moment, and since I was in the throws of moving states, I just painted her face. 
I wish I would have made sure I had orange and purple face paint instead of trying to mix colors... a friend suggested that I could have just used washable markers!

In the end, this was Georgia's most requested costume but we only did it this once. 

This whole process has been so fun for us! I am excited to have these to show Georgia in the future! Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will have a post with ALL the costumes in one place :)